Carouhell - Toggling between carouhell and list

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Clicking the button, toggle the off class on the list to toggle between ordinary list and carouhell. This is done by simply adding or removing the class carouhell to the list.

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="src/carouhell.css"> <script src="src/carouhell.js"></script> <style> .carouhell { width: 400px; height: 400px; background: gray; } .carouhell li { transition: 400ms; } </style> <button onclick="test.classList.toggle('carouhell')">Toggle</button> <br><br> <ul id="test" class="carouhell"> <li><img src="assets/img1.jpg"> <li><img src="assets/img2.jpg"> </ul>